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Last Updated: April 2, 2021

Value for money is important when you are choosing a portable generator. Check out our review team’s guide to the best cheap portable generator units available today.

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Cheap Portable Generator

Value for money is essential when you’re looking to purchase heavy equipment such as a portable generator. Thankfully, there are numerous cheap portable generators available that are not only affordable, but which are also reliable and equipped with many attractive features and extras. Our team had a look the best portable generator units in order to draw up the following list of the most reliable and best cheap portable generator appliance. Here is our reviews team’s roundup of the best cheap portable generator units.


Cheap Portable Generator Reviews

The table below outlines 6 of the best cheap portable generator units.




1. Cheap Portable Generator Review – WEN PowerPro 56101


WEN PowerPro 56101Check Price >

Costing just under $150, the WEN 56200i is not only extremely quiet and efficient, it is also one of the greatest value cheap portable generator units on the market. WEN’s technology keeps a tight rein on harmonic distortion, making this unit safe enough to power the more sophisticated and sensitive electronics in your home or office, such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Quieter than the average conversation, according to the manufacturers. A real bargain.



2. Cheap Portable Generator Review – Generac 5939 GP5500


Generac 5939 GP5500 Check Price >

At more than $900, this is a leap up from the WEN PowerPro 56101, but the hook, in terms of value for money, is the sheer range of uses to which this portable generator can be put. This generator is an ideal solution, whether you use it for camping, power tools, or emergency backup power when required. Like all generators in the GP series, you will be able to ensure that the fun stuff works, and that your essentials are taken care of during a power cut or other emergency. These are indispensable generators whether for home, work, or outdoor events.



3. Cheap Portable Generator Review – Champion Power Equipment 75537i


Champion Power 75537iCheck Price >

Priced at just over the $1,000 mark, this, in value for money terms, is a cheap portable generator that you cannot afford to be without. It’s a quiet operator yet extremely powerful and lightweight and portable enough to be a take-anywhere companion. There is even a wireless remote key fob enabling you start or stop your generator from up to 80 feet away. Running time is maximised using the machine’s smart Economy Mode, which reduces electrical load, providing more discreet operation, extending the engine life, and enhancing the unit’s fuel economy. This EPA-certified and CARB-compliant generator enjoys backup from Champion Support and an extensive network of service centers, and the machine comes with a 3-year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.



4. Cheap Portable Generator Review – Yamaha EF5500DE


Yamaha EF5500DECheck Price >

Moving past the $1,700 mark, the Yamaha EF5500DE is one of the most acclaimed and best value for money, cheap portable generator units on the market. It can run for 9 hours at full load, around 18% longer than previous Yamaha models in this class. The value for money comes from the power, the efficiency, and a three-year 3 year industrial and residential warranty with optional Y.E.S. for customer peace of mind.



5. Cheap Portable Generator Review – Sportsman GENTRI9K


Sportsman GENTRI9KCheck Price >

Moving up to the more costly end of our reviews list for cheap portable generator units, the Sportsman GENTRI9K is another of the best value for money appliances available. It is fantastic whether on the road, or keeping the essential appliances going during a power outage or emergency. A flexible machine, this unit runs on either unleaded gasoline, natural gas, or propane gas, so you can use whichever fuel is more easily available or affordable at the moment. Surprisingly quiet in operation, this Sportsman Series generator is ideal for anyone who needs affordable, flexible, and portable power, while keeping an eye to prices and costs.



6. Cheap Portable Generator Review – Honda 660530


Honda 660530Check Price >


At $2,299 the Honda 660530 is the most expensive of the cheap portable generators on our reviews roundup list, but is is also one of the most efficient and reliable. You get an excellent return on investment, if you are the type of person who frequently requires the use of a generator. The powerful powerful Honda iGX390 commercial grade engine ensures greater fuel economy, reduced emissions and more power, providing you with flexibility to power either small or large appliances.


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